Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project

Project Director on behalf of Developer OTP Geothermal for early stages of the $A1 Billion Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project in Indonesia.

Principal’s Engineer

"Empowering Your Projects with Expert Multi-Discipline Project Management" - Harness the expertise of our seasoned multi-discipline Project Managers who specialize in administering projects on behalf of Engineering Services end users. Whether you're a Developer, Power Generator, Mining Company, Oil & Gas Company, Manufacturer, Dairy Food & Beverage Company, or a Local Authority, we have the right professionals to support your endeavors. Our Project Managers possess a deep understanding of technical intricacies and bring valuable contract management experience to the table. With their guidance, our clients derive optimal value from design consultants and contractors, ensuring the success of each project. Upholding the highest ethical standards, our Project Managers prioritize fairness and impartiality, cultivating a collaborative environment that generates value for all stakeholders involved.

Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM)

Our firm offers specialized engineering and project management services for contractors involved in design/build contracts. With our team's prior experience as design/build and construction contractors, we provide a comprehensive range of services, from estimate and tender preparation to project management and plant commissioning. We also provide a similar service to Principals who prefer in-house engineering and procurement, ensuring the best technical solutions for their projects. Partner with us to streamline your project processes and achieve optimal results.

Nga Awa Purua 138MW Geothermal Project

EPC Project Manager on behalf of Sumitomo Corporation for the Nga Awa Purua 138MW Geothermal Power Plant and Steam Separation System, New Zealand.

Kawerau 100MW Geothermal Project

EPC Project Manager on behalf of Sumitomo Corporation for the Kawerau 100MW Geothermal Power Plant and Steam Separation System, New Zealand

Due Diligence on PNOC-EDC Share Procurement, Philippines

Technical Expert – Due Diligence related to the sale/privatisation of a majority shareholding in the Philippine National Oil Company Energy Development Corporation including investigation and reporting on technical and commercial aspects of the companies operations and condition and viability of Power Generation Assets. The final value of the acquisition of shares was PHP45,000,000,000 ($NZ1.5 Billion).

Feasibility Studies / Due Diligence

Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence: Making Informed Decisions for Success - Our firm specializes in conducting comprehensive Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence assessments. When it comes to embarking on new projects or evaluating existing ones, making informed decisions is crucial for long-term success. Through our rigorous Feasibility Studies, we thoroughly analyze the technical, financial, and logistical aspects of your project. Our expert team evaluates the viability and potential risks, providing you with valuable insights to determine the feasibility of your venture. We consider factors such as site conditions, regulatory compliance, resource availability, and cost projections, enabling you to make informed decisions from the outset. In addition, our meticulous Due Diligence services offer a thorough examination of existing projects or potential acquisitions. We delve into all aspects, including financial, technical, and operational considerations. With our Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence assessments, you can minimize risks, optimize resources, and maximize the chances of project success. Trust our experienced team to guide you towards well-informed decisions.

Tender Document Preparation

With our key personnel's deep understanding of both contractors and consultants, we possess a unique advantage in preparing tender documents that simplify the tender process for all parties involved while delivering the best outcomes for our clients. For our Principal clients, we expertly craft Request for Pre-qualification (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in the procurement process. Additionally, we provide comprehensive tender submission services on behalf of contractors, leveraging our expertise to create compelling and competitive bids. Count on our specialized knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of tendering, making the process seamless and yielding optimal results for our valued clients.

Divune Hydro Power Project, PNG EPC Tender

Tender Manager – Managed tender team preparing cost estimates for the EPC Contract tender for the design, supply, construction and commissioning of 2×1.5MW Turbine Generator including weir, intake, sediment basin, forebay, surge tank penstock, power house, switchyard and tailrace.

Wellington Sludge Minimisation Project

Technical Expert – Consultancy Services for provision of mechanical estimating and supporting services to assist with the Independent Cost Management services for the Wellington Sludge Minimisation Project. This included co-ordinating between the design consultant and ECI Contractor and negotiating price and terms and conditions with the contractor.

Tender Process Management

In addition to our RFQ preparation service we can also manage the entire tender process on behalf of our client’s including:
1. Budget estimates
2. Economic analysis (see also feasibility studies)
3. Candidate selection/adverts for open tenders
4. Preparation and distribution of documentation
5. Pre-qualification evaluation
6. Co-ordination of Notice to tenderers and tender clarifications
7. Tender evaluation and recommendations

Conceptual & Process Design

We specialise in conceptual and process design for most process industries including: Power Generation – Solar, Hydro, Thermal & Geothermal Oil & Gas Mining Pulp & Paper Dairy Food & Beverage Industrial Refrigeration Water & Waste Water Treatment

Multi-Discipline Design

We offer a diverse range of multi-discipline design services to transform your concepts into tangible realities. With our extensive expertise across various engineering disciplines, we provide a holistic approach to meet your project requirements. From concept development and preliminary design to detailed engineering drawings and specifications, we develop designs that align with your vision and project goals. Our services span various sectors, including infrastructure, construction, energy, manufacturing, and more. Partner with our engineering consultancy to unlock the full potential of your projects through our expertise in multi-discipline design services. Together, we can bring your ideas to life and achieve exceptional results.

Nga Awa Purua 138MW Geothermal Project

Design review, design management and engineering problem solving for Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Steam Separation Plant, New Zealand

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Contract Drafting and Review: Mitigating Risk, Ensuring Clarity With our expertise in Engineering contracts, we offer comprehensive contract drafting and negotiation services. Our practical and user-friendly contracts provide clarity, clearly defining risk and responsibility while complying with the latest legislation. We also offer contract review to analyze risks before signing or tendering. Trust us to safeguard your interests and streamline the contract process.

Business System Development & Improvement

With extensive experience in business systems, we specialize in developing and enhancing QA procedures, project budgeting, cost tracking, reporting systems, and more. Our approach involves working closely with your team to create customized solutions that meet your specific business requirements. Whether building new systems or improving existing ones, we provide expert auditing, consulting, and tailored solutions for optimal business performance. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business systems. Let us help you streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and achieve your organizational goals with customized solutions designed specifically for you.

ABI Coating QA System development

Developed comprehensive Quality Assurance System for ABI Coating Specialists Pty Ltd to achieve ISO 9001 certification

Tailored Training and Mentoring for Engineering and Project Management

With a wealth of experience in training and mentoring engineers and project managers across Australasia and the Asia Pacific Region, our firm is well-equipped to meet your staff development needs. We offer customized training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of your team. Our training services encompass a range of key areas, including: MS Project training: We provide comprehensive training on MS Project, equipping your staff with the skills to effectively manage and track project schedules. Project budgeting, cost tracking, and reporting systems training: Our training programs focus on equipping your team with the necessary tools and techniques to develop accurate project budgets, track costs, and generate insightful reports. Risk Management Training: We offer specialized training in risk management, enabling your staff to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate project risks. Mentoring of project managers and project assistance: Our experienced professionals provide one-on-one mentoring for project managers, offering guidance and support throughout project execution. We also assist in managing clients' projects, ensuring successful outcomes. Partner with us to harness the expertise of our training and mentoring services, tailored to address your specific staff development requirements. Together, we can empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in engineering and project management.

Tiwi and MakBan Geothermal Power Developments, Philippines

During a long-term Expatriate assignment in the Philippines our managing director trained a mentored a large group of Filipino engineers and project managers at the Tiwi and MakBan Geothermal Power Developments.